Having the first aid skills to handle emergencies can not only be a great benefit and a game changer for the victim, but for you also. Just knowing you did all the right things in a moment of crisis can help you avoid all the guilt and stress that comes with not knowing what to do and feeling helpless. Gain the confidence to help your family by taking a free online first aid course.

Without the knowledge of how to correctly perform first aid you could be doing more harm than good. Take basic wound care for example. There are a lot of moms and family members still using Hydrogen Peroxide to clean wounds. Hydrogen Peroxide will kill the top layer of skin (dermis) tissue and blood vessels. This will slow down the healing and lead to more scarring. Burns is another one where we see a lot of mistakes and the use of folklore to treat burns. People are still using mustard, butter, and toothpaste for burn care.

Therefore, we created our online first aid certification course, so everyone could have the latest up to date first aid skills, strategies, and techniques. To avoid the common mistakes made by those who lack basic first aid training

So, let’s give you some basic first aid strategies so when you are confronted with a medical emergency,  you can be your family’s hero.

Scene safety

Our first goal should be not to make the situation worse. One way to avoid that is by not increasing the number of victims. Meaning, we need you as a rescuer, not a victim. So, check for hazards and remove anyone out of harm’s way.

Stay calm

I know an emergency can seem overwhelming at first, but it is exceedingly difficult to focus on what is important and panicking will only make it worse. So, let us break it down to some simple steps.  The first thing you need to know is there are only 3 things a person can die from. They are.

  • Not breathing
  • Bleeding too much
  • Shock

So, whenever confronted with any medical emergency you need assess the victim’s breathing and then check for any bleeding and then manage any shock. Our online first aid certification training covers these three important life-threatening emergencies.

Once you understand that there are 3 things you must stabilize in any emergency, you begin to realize just how simple first aid is. This allows you to focus on what really matters in the first few minutes of any emergency and prevents you from becoming overwhelmed. So, assess these three conditions and then call 9-1-1.

For more information, you can download our free CPR and First Aid guide.