CPR Mouth Barrier/Face Shield


The only CPR mouth barrier with two one-way valves for superior protection. It has the largest surface area to cover the victims face for maximum protection from body fluids while performing mouth to mouth breaths. Safe to use on children down to one year in age. Does not contain inferior paper filters. Portable enough to be carried in your purse, or any first aid kit. Bring it with you all the time, so I suggest to have it with your car keys. The CPR Key Chain kit contains the mask, vinyl gloves and a antimicrobial wipe. The Keychain kit also has a belt loop.

Made in the US.


American made from vinyl with two silicone valves, no latex, so it is safe for both the victim and rescuer. Don’t forget to add gloves and a antimicrobial wipe to maximize your personal protection or try our Key Chain kit which contains Mask, Gloves and Antimicrobial Wipe in a pouch with a key ring and belt loop..

Even though some consider mouth to mouth ventilations or breathing as low risk, you must remember that the victim is either injured, ill, or dying. When a victim collapses and falls to the ground, the last part of their body to hit the ground, is the head. The odds of blood in the mouth or face is a real possibility and risk. To make things worse, when you blow air into the victims mouth, any blood particles can become airborne, moving those particles or droplets right into your mouth. Without a CPR Face Shield you risk being exposed via your mouth.

If that wasn’t bad enough the added possibility that the victim will vomit. Whether a heart attack, drowning or drug overdose, if your victim requires ventilations, you have a high risk of them vomiting. Our barrier mask (face shield) will keep you safe, remove exposure risk and keep you professional while performing rescue breathing or CPR. Don’t put your personal safety at risk. Protect yourself as a rescuer. Purchase a CPR Face Shield today. Add to all your first aid kits.

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