CPR Keychain Kit



  • CPR Mouth Barrier (has 2 one-way valves built into the bite piece)
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Antimicrobial wipe

Always carry this mouth barrier with you all the time. Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.) recommends attaching it to your car keys or carrying it in your purse.


Our CPR Face Mask is the only American made CPR mouth to mouth barrier on the market. This Rondex CPR face shield is the only mouth barrier with double One-Way Valve protection to prevent risk to the rescuer. That means, there are 2 one-way valves to protect you. This is the only mouth barrier that I am aware of that has actually done flow tests to prove its effectiveness.

When paper filters becomes moist with one’s breath or a drop of body fluid, its protection drops by one-third. And so on. So with each breath your protection diminishes. That is incredibly risky for a rescuer. Our CPR face shield/mouth barrier has a short bite piece, when placed in the victim’s mouth it will not hit the gag reflex and is safe to use on children down to one year in age.

Be cautious of CPR face shields that are manufactured overseas, they are imported into the U.S. as novelty items and are not considered medical devices. They are basically toys and not suitable for protection from body fluids during CPR. When shopping for a CPR mouth barrier, make sure it includes non-latex gloves and an Antimicrobial Wipe for your protection in your CPR Face Shield Keychain kit.

So always carry a CPR Face Shield Kit. Our kit includes a Barrier Mask (two valves), Nitrile Gloves and an Antimicrobial Wipe.

In a study published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation, the risk of performing CPR during a pandemic is relatively low compared to how many lives will be saved.

According to the researchers, “Given a 1% mortality for the virus, approximately one rescuer might die in 10,000 bystander CPR events.” “By comparison, bystander CPR saves more than 300 additional lives among 10,000 patients with out of hospital cardiac arrest.”

To minimize any risk to the rescuer it is strongly suggested to carry a CPR mouth barrier keychain kit. This includes an American made barrier mask that contains a bite piece with 2 one-way valves, a pair of nitrile gloves and a antimicrobial wipe to protect you from bodily fluid exposure during your delivery of life saving rescue breaths.

If you went through our online CPR certification training you know that breathing is still extremely important in saving a life and minimizing any brain damage. But at the same time, your safety is the #1 priority.  So a CPR mask that protects you from infectious diseases and bodily fluids while providing valuable breaths during CPR is invaluable.

BUT, watch out for those CPR mouth barriers with paper filters.  These cheap overseas imported paper filter masks give you little or zero viral and bacterial protection. The one I personally carry and have used while off duty has 2 one-way valves to provide for maximum protection.  And is the only American Made face shield with 2 valves on the market. It’s not the cheapest, but it is the BEST CPR mouth barrier.

You can buy just the face shield by itself or purchase the CPR keychain kit which allows you to carry your mask with your keys, or you can wear it on your belt as it comes with a belt loop. Or just carry it in your purse. For a CPR barrier to be effective it must be with you most of the time when it matters most.


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