Yes, indeed – bad CPR is better no CPR at all. With no CPR prior to first responders arriving, chances of survival are very small. With no blood pumping to the brain carrying oxygen serious brain damage is very likely. Not to mention no blood flow to any of the other organs carrying valuable oxygen, sugars to the cells. Organ failure sets in quickly.

Quality CPR would solve or diminish the above problems, which would greatly improve the chances of survival. Although Bad CPR is better than no CPR, it is not what any of us should be shooting for.

Studies have shown that most civilians performing CPR do not push hard enough or fast enough, especially when it comes to loved ones. The idea of hurting the victim overshadows the key reason for performing CPR, to improve circulation which will lead to increased survival rates.

Also, a lot of folks are uncomfortable with performing mouth to mouth breathing because of the perceived risk factor of fluids in the mouth of the victim. This could be avoided if people used a quality CPR mouth barrier (link this). Then of course they may also be worried about getting sued.  But Good Samaritan laws protect the public just for that reason. So, they can feel comfortable helping the public in an emergency.

Even good quality chest compressions in the first few minutes of a collapsed cardiac arrest victim would be extremely helpful to the victim’s overall outcome.

So, everyone trained or untrained should attempt CPR for the victims sake. Everyone should also take a CPR training. An online CPR course would be an easy, quick, and valuable training that might someday make all the difference in the world to someone in need.