Yes, indeed – bad CPR is better than no CPR at all. With no CPR prior to first responders arriving, chances of survival are very small. With no blood pumping to the brain carrying oxygen serious brain damage is very likely. Not to mention no blood flow to any of the other organs carrying valuable oxygen, sugars to the cells. Organ failure sets in quickly.

You might think you need to be perfect at CPR to help, but that’s not true. Doing something is way better than doing nothing. When someone’s heart stops, getting blood to their brain and body quickly is key. Even if CPR isn’t done just right, trying can still help a lot.

When we don’t do CPR, the chances of someone getting through a heart problem are really, really low. Without CPR, the brain and other parts of the body don’t get the blood they need. This can cause serious problems.

But when we do CPR, even if it’s not perfect, we help keep blood moving. This gives the person a much better chance of being okay. Sure, learning how to do CPR is the best way to be able to deliver good CPR. Learning CPR skills is a great way to build confidence and remove some fears.

Some people worry about not being strong enough or fast enough, especially with people they care about. And some people are afraid of pushing to hard and hurting them. But doing CPR is about trying to save them, not hurting them.

Also, some folks might feel weird about giving breaths using mouth to mouth. There’s a special tool that can help with this and keep things clean. And don’t worry about getting in trouble for trying to help. There are laws that protect people who step up to help in emergencies.

Just pressing on someone’s chest, following the beat of a fast song in your head, can make a huge difference. It keeps blood moving until the professionals get there.

So, whether you know a lot about CPR or just a little, give it a try if someone needs help. And think about improving your skills through an online CPR course. It’s easy to do, doesn’t take much time, and could really help someone you care about someday.